Prokon 32-Bit Win 95/98/NT/2000

An engineering calculator with various modules for calculation and conversion
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32-Bit Win 95/98/NT/2000 (See all)
ProKon, or Professional Converter, is a Windows-based numerical conversion and calculation tool using various available measurement units and well-suited for both personal and professional use in business and sciences. The calculator works with 32-bit Microsoft systems.

Prokon is an amazing conversion and reference utility. It has an enormous amount of scientific information, accumulating to a total of 33 main categories for conversions, and 66 categories for data. It even has the periodic table of elements with relevant and useful information on each element. ProKalc calculator, from the same developer, is also included in the ProKon package. The program's memory and CPU usage is really low and efficient, making this a highly portable tool to carry on pen drives and mini discs.

Prokon's informational features include calculations, geometry, scientific data, fuel economy, meteorology, periodic table of elements, and many more. Conversion capabilities include units of acceleration, angle, area, capacity, concentration, constants, and about another 25 units.

The interface is quite well organized, offers descriptive labels and big letters on every menu, making the user experience a lot more pleasant. A perfect tool for every student no matter what degree they're trying to earn.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Useful and easy to use


  • Several elements of the user interface (e.g. colors) are somewhat hard to read
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